Outdoor Pop Out Banner PB-1/2/3

Item # PB-1/2/3


Pop out banners offer a lightweight, easy to use, and highly visible alternative to traditional signs. When set-up they create a large footprint, but when folded up are but an afterthought. These types of signs are ultra-portable, and the branding opportunities available with these types of units are unmatched, with bright, vivid digital dye-sublimated printed images or messages.

PB-1-Cicle, PB-2-Tower, PB-3-Horizontal.

Code Size PCS/CTN Net weight Gross weight Packing
PB-1 100x100 8 1.5kg 13.5kg 46x45x45
PB-2 100x80 8 1.75kg 14.5kg 46x45x45
PB-3 100x200 5 3kg 16.2kg 59x58x20

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Outdoor Pop Out Banner PB-1/2/3

Item # PB-1/2/3

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